Hulu on Disney+ Launches, Merged Content Will Appear in Unified App and ESPN to Follow

Bundles are becoming an increasingly common offering in this age of streaming. But Disney+ and Hulu have now taken their bundling to a whole new level. As previously promised, Disney has merged Disney+ and Hulu apps into one unified service on the Disney+ platform. While Disney+ and Hulu are still available as stand-alone apps, Hulu on Disney+ has now officially launched. And this content merge is “branding color change” official.

What Does Hulu on Disney+ Mean for Users?

Hulu on Disney+ homepage

Essentially, Hulu on Disney+ means that Hulu will now become a tile within the Disney+ ecosystem. Users who subscribe to both Hulu and Disney+ will soon see Hulu content populating their search and viewing recommendations. Of course, subscribers will be able to watch Hulu content inside the Disney+ app. Disney hopes this will streamline the user experience and create a hub of desirable content.

A release shares:

The Walt Disney Company announced today the official launch of Hulu on Disney+ in the U.S. for Disney Bundle subscribers, bringing together the extensive Disney+ and Hulu libraries – including beloved characters, award-winning films and series, and 100 years’ worth of inspiring stories – all in one place.

The new experience is a seamless showcase of the value of the Disney Bundle that allows Bundle subscribers (or those who hold subscriptions to both standalone apps) to stream extensive Hulu content, including critically acclaimed fan favorites like Grey’s Anatomy, Only Murders in the Building, Poor Things and The Bear, directly in the Disney+ app. 

What Does Hulu on Disney+ Cost?

Hulu on Disney+ Logo

Of course, Hulu on Disney+’s merged content means a price increase for subscribers. With ads, a Disney+ and Hulu bundle costs $9.99/month (that’s $2 more than Disney+ Basic currently costs). Without ads, the Disney+ and Hulu merged offering is priced at $19.99. This is a bit of a higher increase from the cost of Disney+’s standalone premium offering, currently priced at $13.99/month ($6 more per month).

Of course, purchasing Disney+ and Hulu separately will cost users more than the bundle cost. And ostensibly, at some point, the ability to purchase these streamers separately will vanish. (Likely just in time for a cost increase.)

ESPN Tile Also Coming to Disney+

ESPN will soon be joining Hulu on Disney+. Bob Iger reports that ESPN will have its own Disney+ tile by the end of 2024. According to Deadline, this ESPN tile “will feature ‘select live games’ as well as studio programming, to watch within Disney+. This feature will be available for all U.S. subscribers.”

Iger notes, “We see this as a first step to bring ESPN to Disney+ viewers as we ready the launch of our enhanced standalone ESPN streaming in the fall of 2025. It’s a start in terms of essentially conditioning the audience or subscribers to Disney+ and Hulu to the fact that sports is going to be there and it also will help us in terms of overall engagement with our bundle.”

Iger notes that ESPN will turn toward digital, but will not abandon linear television entirely.

Disney+’s Logo and Branding Change Color to Include Merge Hulu Green and Disney Blue

Disney+ new Hulu colored Logo

We know this Disney+ and Hulu merge is serious because Disney+ has changed all of its branding to accommodate the new content on its platform. Disney+ blue has become a Hulu-fied greenish blue hue, which The Verge reports Disney is calling “Aurora.”

A release notes about the new Hulu on Disney+ branding, “The roll-out also features refreshed branding for Disney+, including a refined logo, color palette, and orchestral mnemonic created by Academy Award®-winning composer Ludwig Göransson. This evolution blends Hulu’s signature green into the legacy Disney+ blue, creating a premium and elevated feel to welcome Hulu on Disney+ and mark a new chapter in storytelling for the streaming service.”

You can listen to the new sound from The Mandalorian and Black Panther composer below.

As streamers continue their bid to increase their profits, we’re likely to see more of this kind of thing occur. But it does make us wonder… When will all streamers combine on one platform and bring us back to the age of cable?

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