How Would You Escape this Elevator? Also, There’s a Bear – Scenarios the Third

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A while back, a friend of mine introduced me to a game. Scenarios, he called it. Our group of friends would play it around bonfires or when lounging on the couch between gaming sessions. It’s a dash of roleplaying and a dose of creative thinking, with a whole heaping of humor thrown in for good measure.

Scenarios is exactly like it sounds: one person makes up a scenario and somebody else has to find a solution. There’s a twist, though. In each scenario, the scenario master includes three objects that must be used when completing the objective. These objects can be as helpful as gun in a sword fight or as useless as a baked potato in a maelstrom. Regardless, you still have to find a way to use them. Fortunately, there’s No One Correct Answer (there are wrong answers though).


You’ve been in a broken elevator for the past two hours with 3 other people and a trained bear. You’re stuck between floors and there are firefighters outside working on how to get you out, but they say it could take another 3 hours before you’re free. It’s pitch dark now, but you know that the three other people in the elevator are a business woman, a mailman, and the bear trainer. The bear’s trainer has the bear in a sturdy leash and is keeping it close.

You really want to get out. You also really want that trained bear as a pet. How do you get the bear and leave the elevator?

You have to use:

  • A cupcake (whichever flavor you’d like)
  • party horn
  • A red ballpoint pen

As you think it through, know that you’re allowed to make reasonable assumptions based on the situation as long as you explain what they are and stick with them.

Last week’s Scenario was about a goat, an island, and an ocean made of jello. There were so many creative, funny, and occasionally downright crazy answers; here are a couple of my favorites:


This one’s easy. First I’d stab myself in the leg with the red pen and bleed into the jello, attracting sharks. Next I’d use the some of the rope and the shrubs on the island to make a framework that would attach to a shark and suspend the goat a foot or so in front of the shark’s nose. Then I’d make a couple of water skis out of tree bark and with the remaining rope as reins I’d water ski home. Off the island in two days tops.


I would tie the rope around the goats neck, position the goat with it’s handquarters towards me and use the red pen to poke the goat to get it to kick me hopefully 25 feet as I hold onto the rope. As I am sinking in the jello, i would pull the goat towards me and get re-kicked by re-poking the goat, rinse wash and repeat until rather I die from multiple concussions or the goat kicks me to civilization

Of course, there are many more awesome answers, so take some time to read them after letting me know how you’d escape the elevator with a new pet bear in tow in the comments below!

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