How THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Introduces Viktor Hargreeves

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The Umbrella Academy season three introduces us to more than a whole new group of superpowered siblings. It is also our formal introduction to Viktor Hargreeves, whom we’ve always known but now we truly get to see him as he sees himself. Since Elliot Page introduced himself to the world as a trans man, fans have been wondering how the show would honor his truth through his character. And The Umbrella Academy delivers some very pure moments and content. The Umbrella Academy siblings support their little brother, their Number Seven, Viktor Hargreeves in an effortless and lovely way. 

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In episode two, Viktor does some investigating while they’re staying at the Hotel Obsidian. He discovers that Sissy died back on October 1, 1989—his birthday and the same day that all his siblings’ mothers died. He reflects on his relationship with Sissy. She told him that he helped her realize her true self and break out of a societal box. Viktor comes into a deeper understanding, deciding to shed his long locks for a new cut.

When he approaches Diego, Five, and Klaus to tell him that his name is Viktor—and that’s who he has always been—they accept him with open arms. Five even genuinely says, “Truly happy for you, Viktor” in a rare moment of not being an old cranky dude. (He goes right back to it in the following sentence, just to stay on brand.) Of course, they live in a fictional world where time traveling, talking chimps, fish leaders, and such exist. So someone being trans isn’t some major shock.

But honestly, it shouldn’t be a big deal to any of us. Trans and gender nonconforming people have existed as long as humanity. And, for Viktor, to have that immediate love and support must mean the world considering his arc on The Umbrella Academy. He hasn’t always been treated kindly by his siblings. In fact, he’s been an outsider and othered within his own family for most of his life. Now, they truly see and respect him as their brother.

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Although Allison and Viktor go through their share of contention in this Umbrella Academy season, she also welcomes her brother with open arms. She never uses her anger to lash out and try to invalidate or disrespect his identity. Luther is the last sibling to realize the big news when Diego corrects him with the right name. He simply nods and hilariously asks what else he missed by being kidnapped. Luther even wants to throw a party for Viktor to celebrate the big news. He also sweetly asks Viktor to be his best man at his wedding. So much awww and pure content. Even Harlan, a white cisgender male from an era that’s generally less accepting, immediately respects Viktor for who is truly is.

The Hargreeves have their fare share of bickering and tearing each other down. However, the siblings provide a great example of the unconditional love and support that a trans loved one deserves. And it is a beautiful, simple, and heartwarming thing to see. Hello, Viktor Hargreeves. 

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