How to Make Ross’s Thanksgiving ‘Moist Maker’ Sandwich from FRIENDS

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and everybody knows what that means: binging on leftovers and sitcoms on Netflix. And what better way to combine America’s two loungiest pastimes than making Ross Geller’s “Moist Maker” sandwhich—yes, HIS SANDWICH—in real life?

Although you’ve probably made sandwiches out of Thanksgiving leftovers before, Ross’s sandwich—technically made by Monica—involves all the usual ingredients (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc.) plus a culinary portmanteau consisting of a piece of bread dipped in gravy. This gravy-soaked bread, which is to be placed in the middle of the Thanksgiving sandwich, is fondly referred to by Ross as the “Moist Maker.”

In a video that comes via Laughing Squid, Editor/YouTuber/apparently awesome chef Andrew Rea shows us how to make the legendary sandwich from Friends, although prepare yourselves: this is no “cranberries from the can” affair.

Rea’s “Binging with Babish” segment—which opens with the Frasier theme song but involves no tossed salads—covers making what amounts to not just a sandwich, but a Thanksgiving feast. Everything is made from scratch, and everything, especially that chunky stuffing, looks mouth-watering. (Prepare for a moist mouth!)

If you feel like making Rea’s meal may not be as easy as he makes it look, you can do what Ross and almost everybody else does: wait for the family’s obsessive, super-cleanly chef to actually make all the food so all you have to do is stuff it between a couple of pieces of bread. And add a Moist Maker…

What do you think about this take on the Moist Maker?  And what would you do if somebody at work stole your sandwich—YOUR SANDWICH? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Andrew Rea

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