Learn How to Fall Asleep in Only 2 Minutes

Are you the type of person who can close their eyes sleep on command? Is it just as easy calling it a day in the comfort of your own bed or trying to catch some shuteye on a plane? If so, I speak for all of us who can’t when I say this – we hate you. We hate your well-rested guts every time we lie awake staring at the clock for hours as our broken brains relive every mistake we’ve ever made. But fear not my fellow late night worriers! Rest and relaxation might finally be within reach for us, thanks to a technique the U.S. Navy developed to help you fall asleep in only two minutes.

The newest video from the fantastic YouTube channel AsapScience explains some of the natural tricks and tips we can all use to get a better night’s sleep. From being in a cold room, to taking a hot evening shower, to hiding that stupid clock that keeps mocking us, to avoiding certain foods and activities at night while also making sure we get outside during the day, those of us who struggle to drift away can do a lot to improve our slumber. But when all else fails there is a “secret” method the Navy developed to help you fall asleep in just a couple of minutes, and it doesn’t require anything except relaxing and turning off our brains, but in a way that makes those two things actually possible.

As someone who would use one of his three magic wishes to gain the power to sleep on airplanes, I am willing to try anything to make that happen. So I’m happy to say that trying this full body relaxation technique really did make me sleepy.

Hopefully it works when I go to bed tonight, otherwise I’ll be up for hours wondering what I’m doing wrong and thinking about how much I hate everyone who is already asleep.

Featured Image: ASAPScience

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