How to Create Your Own 3D Printed Dragon Brood

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3D printing technology has grown a lot in the last year, and it has been interesting to follow what is being created. A few creative gamers have posted up their creations online for other people to download such as enemies and even whole dungeons that you can build one plastic piece at a time. It is exciting to see what is being built and how all the files are being shared as well.

3DnD Gold Dragon – mz4250

Reddit user mz4250, posted up the Dungeons & Dragons creatures he made with his 3d printer. Thumb through the gallery to check out all the dragons and creatures that he spent a year assembling and scanning into his printer. His players will be able to engage with the different dragons from the Monster Manual completely free, minus the process of actually printing out these plastic beasts like magic.  If you want to print out those dragons with your own printer, they are up on Shapeways and are free to anyone with an account.

We also saw Reddit user sasuke_so_cool, post up the Dungeon that he made for his campaign. That dungeon goes beyond old graph paper and really brings the table to life. You can find these pieces up on  Thingverse.

Image Source: 3DnD Dungeon – donsam

If you want to pick up your own printer, there are a few options, such as the Printrbot. For those of us that don’t have that sort of cash laying around, there are other options such as 3dHubs, which offers a 3d printing service. Eventually Kinko’s may have their 3D printing service set up, but until then we will just have to take a look at what is being created in the community.

Another factor that we have been following is the creative license of the artist when making established characters. For mz4250, Wizards of the Coast reached out to him and asked him to put the dragons on Shapeways, so everyone could have access to them for free. Though, as a larger community learns how to create and build, how will the miniature game industry adapt?

What kinds of creatures would you make with a 3D printer? Let us know in the comment section below.

Feature image credit: mz4250/ imgur

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