How Much Time Has Passed on THE MANDALORIAN? Favreau Confirms Timeline

When you have an ardent fanbase, like that of Star Wars, the smallest sentence can launch a million deep dives and theories. Jon Favreau caused exactly that kind of commotion around The Mandalorian. He seemed to imply the timeline for The Mandalorian was longer than we thought. Favreau recently discussed The Mandalorian‘s passage of time during a recent press roundtable, which the Skytalkers podcast shared. He noted, “And then we know that he’s [Grogu] been rescued and spent many years with the Mandalorian. Went back with Luke, now we’ve been two years apart from him, there, training.” Cue massive confusion. But happily, we live in a digital age, and Favreau quickly took the mic again to clarify his words. So how much time has passed on The Mandalorian? Here’s the official response.

Favreau notes about the time Grogu spent with Luke, “It’s probably about the real-time that we’ve experienced it, so it was, the end of season two, when they said goodbye, we checked in, in The Book of Boba Fett, about a year ago, when they parted company again, and then he rejoined the Mandalorian, so now, I think, somewhere in there, more than a one… somewhere between zero and two years.”

How much time has passed on The Mandalorian Luke, Grogu, Mando

There you have it, folks. It’s not a clear-cut answer to how much time has passed on The Mandalorian, but it’s a better one. Technically, Favreau is confirming what he said about Luke and Grogu’s time together. He said that was about “two years.” The “many” from Favreau’s original quote, which the interviewer used in his question about Luke and Grogu, actually referred to the time the Mandalorian and Grogu spent together.

But it seems like fans can rest assured that a massive amount of time hasn’t passed on The Mandalorian, neither on the Mandalorian and Grogu front nor on the Grogu and Luke front. Favreau goes on to say, “No, no, no, not that many. We’re going to run out of screen time. We know we only have 30 years to tell all our stories, and we have a lot more stories to tell.” Time, it seems, is a commodity to be conserved on The Mandalorian.

We sure hope those upcoming Mandalorian stories and their timelines continue to add up. Otherwise, we’re going to need to have Favreau on speed dial to keep the internet from losing its mind.

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