Barney Stinson to Return in HOW I MET YOUR FATHER Mid-Season Finale

How I Met Your Father brought back a beloved How I Met Your Mother character this season with Barney Stinson. Neil Patrick Harris reprised his role in the show when Hilary Duff’s Sophie hit Barney’s Audi in the show’s season two premiere. Back then we learned from How I Met Your Father‘s creators, Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, that Harris’ return as Barney Stinson was only the beginning. They said where Barney’s at will “have a major impact on the… season.” We will likely learn more about that impact in How I Met Your Father‘s mid-season finale, when Barney Stinson will return to the show.

You can watch Sophie’s fender bender with Barney in the above video.

We saw the news that Harris would come back as Barney on Variety. He’ll show up in the two-episode mid-season finale. That finale drops on Hulu on March 28 and then the show will go on hiatus until May 23. When TVLine asked Aptaker and Berger about when we would see Barney again after How I Met Your Father‘s season two premiere, they said:

That car crash becomes a major turning point in Sophie’s life and in her season-long arc. Once we catch up to that, I think people will be pleasantly surprised by how her story turns via Barney.

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson stands by a black car in How I Met Your Father

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