How Captain Planet Can Help Save Our World

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This Earth Day, do your part to make our world a better place to live in. That should be pretty plain and simple, but if you don’t want to take our advice, how about hearing it from Captain Planet? Yes, everyone’s favorite eco-friendly superhero! Week after week, Captain Planet and the Planeteers taught us how to conserve energy and resources, prevent pollution, and stop our toxic harm on the environment. With their powers combined, EARTH, FIRE, WIND, WATER, and HEART were always the Planeteers’ answer to fighting the threats to our planet. By working together, the team summoned Captain Planet to the rescue! So on this Earth Day, and every day for that matter, let’s use Captain Planet and his Planeteers as an example of how we can save our planet!

EARTH, “Kwame”

All around the world, our impact is slowly deteriorating the land we live on. Whether through deforestation, landfills, or flat out over-construction, the very earth we live on is in danger of our own human ignorance. To fight these effects, we can all buy recycled paper products, or, try the new trend of buying reusable bamboo products. Not only are they less impactful on the environment, but they are also quite sturdy and long-lasting. We can also limit the amount of trash that we send to our local dumps and landfills. By limiting our footprint on the world, we increase the quality of life for everyone else.

FIRE, “Wheeler”

With areas like California and elsewhere being effected by drought and dry conditions, we need to come together with an added sense of awareness when it comes to forest and brush fires. A simple spark from a cigarette can cause billions of dollars in fire damage and can even cost lives. Please be aware of your behaviors, and use proper judgment. If you’re smoking in the car, don’t throw your cigarette out the window. Your litter could take someone’s home away from them.

WIND, “Linka”

Air quality is always a growing concern. Our carbon emissions and greenhouse gases are far too high, and are causing fluctuations in weather patterns and the Earth’s atmosphere. If we can limit our emissions, even by just a fraction, we’ll start to see improvement. An easy way to limit your carbon footprint is to ride your bike to work once or twice a week (if possible). Another way to make a difference is to check that the hairspray and spray deodorant you use are eco-friendly.


Water pollution and ocean run-off is no joke…our seas are dying. The critters that call our oceans home have been suffering at our expense, and it is our job to clean up our mess and prevent further hurting our aquatic neighbors. Use proper judgment with what you throw out. Make sure that you are recycling your plastic and being chemical-conscious with the water that you send to the sewers. We can always be more conscientious and careful when it comes to recycling.

HEART, “Mati”

Be compassionate and have respect. It’s as simple as that. Not just for your fellow citizens, but for the plant and animal life that share this beautiful planet with us. We’re all a part of this world, so the fact that our ignorance and pollution is killing off the creatures who have done nothing to worsen the world is truly sad. We owe it to ourselves and the world we live in to have more strength and compassion when it comes to caring for our planet.


Captain Planet might have just been a cult cartoon TV hit in the 90s, but his message is fitting to this day. Use these 5 powers as your tools to fight pollution and global warming. We can all make a difference if we work together, and that is perhaps the greatest lesson Captain Planet taught us. Together we can save our planet! “The power…is yours!”

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