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The Most Brutal, Shocking, and Gross Moments in HOUSE OF THE DRAGON

The Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon takes us nearly 200 years before Daenerys Targaryen’s existence with a story of fire and blood. The HBO series is underway, setting up some fraught drama between King Viserys, Princess Rhaneyra, and the very chaotic Daemon Targaryen. With the Stepstones drama coming into play, a host of other families in the mix, and this universe’s penchant for violence, we can certainly expect some shocking, brutal, and horrific moments in House of the Dragon. Some of it is typical warfare while other things will make your stomach churn. It is the way of Westeros, apparently. So, let’s keep up with just how many times House of the Dragon makes us gasp, cringe, and maybe even cheer over a terrible person’s demise.

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Episode 1 – “The Heirs of the Dragon” 

Viserys’ Gross Wound 

Sure, this gooey cut on Viserys’ back pales in comparison to what we see later in the episode. But it is still gross anyway. He got the nick that won’t heal (and appears to be infected) from sitting on the infamous Iron Throne. As we see, the throne looks wilder than ever with more dangerous swords. Maybe it is not a good idea to sit on that kind of chair all the time, even if you want to look like a tough guy.

Daemon and the City Watch’s Killing Spree
photo of dismembered bodies in house of the dragon brutal moment

Daemon is a wild guy. And, for some reason, the council thought it would be wise to make him the commander of the City Watch. Giving someone like him that kind of power will lead to bloody results. And oh does it go back when he rolls up with his Gold Cloak crew and they seek out criminals. People lose all sorts of body parts and the City Watch loads the human pieces in a wagon. Why? To send a clear message about crime and what happens to people who do bad things. Yeesh. 

The Queen’s Death in Childbirth 

This scene is brutal, heartbreaking, and honestly cruel. Queen Aemma is in labor; however, the baby is breech and will not turn. Viserys learns from a councilman that there is a new method of removing the child but it will certainly kill the mother. And he decides to try to save his male heir, electing to essentially kill his wife without her knowledge nor consent. She’s held down and given a C-section with no medication, bleeding profusely until she dies. Sadly, the child also dies soon after birth. 

Everything About Jousting 

This is such an unhinged activity. A bunch of people sit in stands and watch men on horses gallop towards each other with pointy sticks to celebrate the birth of a child. And, if they don’t like how things go, they can go for a duel and beat the crap out of each other. With people cheering them on. And, we see a couple of guys get beaten or injured horribly in this episode. Wild. 

Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen on horseback wearing his dragon helmet and suit of armor on House of the Dragon
The Doctor’s Butt

Look, I understand that Matt Smith is a talented person who will continue to portray many characters after the Eleventh Doctor. But when I look at him, I see that fez and bowtie-loving dude. So imagine the audible sound that left my mouth when I saw his bare butt on my TV screen. Just… a lot to process as a Doctor Who fan. 

The Heir for a Day Toast 

Let’s continue with Daemon being a wild dude. He’s in a brothel where lots of… activity is happening all around him. And he decides to make a toast to his dead nephew, calling him “The Heir for a Day.” That move causes Viserys to remove Daemon from the succession line and sever the remnants of their relationship. Yikes. This House of the Dragon moment is what truly sets things in motion.

Episode 2 – “The Rogue Prince” 

Marrying Off Children 

Listen. I don’t care if it was common practice or “legal” to do things like that. Just because it is socially acceptable or “legal” doesn’t mean it is morally just. We are six months into the future and the Velaryons want the king to marry their daughter, Laena. A literal little kid who asks all sorts of curious questions. And, when the subject of marriage comes up, she repeats some things her father told her to say. She also admits that she wouldn’t have to bed him until she turns 14. Gross. Thankfully, this is too weird for Viserys and they do not go forth with the engagement. 

photo of a skull with crabs on it house of the dragon
The Maggot Solution

Apparently, the cure for what ails Viserys’ hand can be found with maggots. Bigly gross and also not effective, it seems.

The Stepstones Crab Conundrum 

So there is trouble in the Stepstones. A Myrish Prince is feeding Westerosi sailors to crabs… alive. And it is a very gnarly thing to watch people being hacked up then left for crabs to eat them. What a way to end an episode along with shady Corlys forming an alliance with Daemon.

Episode 3 – “Second of His Name”

Nails, Wood, Crabs, and a Dragon Foot 

That Myrish Prince is a wild dude. He nails a soldier’s hand to a wooden plank in a very Jesus-like fashion and allows a few crabs to begin to consume him. However Daemon arrives on the back of his dragon and the creature smushes the man with its foot. What a way to go…

Public Father/Daughter Drama 

We are now around three years in the future. Rhaenyra’s friend Alicent is now the queen after marrying Viserys. She’s not only had a male child but is very pregnant at this time. Of course, this means there’s a ton of tension between the pair. But it is nothing like what goes down between Viserys and Rhaenyra. Thus far, their disagreements have been mostly in private (save for a bit of shady exchanges) but they get into quite the heated argument in public concerning Rhaenyra finding a “suitable husband.” The fight causes a record scratch moment among the guests at their big ole hunt party. 

Hello Wild Boar

Rhaenyra and Harrold are hanging out by the fireside when they get quite the unwelcome surprise. A boar rolls up on them, nearly killing them both until Rhaenyra takes him down. She’s clearly working through some pent-up frustration, stabbing the boar a few too many times. It’s a bloody and frantic scene that shows 1) Rhaenyra is better than her father at many things and 2) it is dangerous as hell to exist in this universe. 

photo of Daemon Targaryen covered in blood during a battle brutal moment
Daemon’s Gotcha Plan 

Daemon makes it seem that he and his men are waving the white flag. In fact, he does that explicitly. But is a clever trap and a battle ensues. And, just when it seems that it is done, he goes on a one man battle, taking down quite a few people in the process. The rest of the men come in valiantly and take the W complete with lots of blood, gore, and screaming. In fact, the episode ends on a close up of Daemon covered in someone’s blood.

Episode 4 – “King of the Narrow Sea”

A Little Blood and Spilled Guts

The Daemon drama hour is back for another installment! But before he makes his triumphant return, we see Rhaenyra looking very bored by her potential suitors. The only fun thing about this is the young Blackwood lad go head to head with an older Bracken fellow who talks trash. The kid spills his guts and blood and we love it.

Old Man Spongebathing

Rhaenyra ruffles Alicent’s feathers a bit when she says that she doesn’t want to be trapped in a castle to birth heirs. That’s Alicent’s sad and lonely life now and boy does it come with some drawbacks. One of them is spongebathing her old husband, whose sores are getting increasingly worse.

All That Stuff with Daemon and HIS NIECE

Yes, as Alicent says, we know that the Targaryens have “queer” customs. They are totally down with incest and stuff. And, in many ways, Daemon and Rhaenrya’s relationship is quite cool. But when they look at each other a little too passionately and began to kiss, it is still very cringe.

Daemon Targaryen on the floor in House of the Dragon
The King and Queen’s Intimate Scene

Alicent lies motionless as the King is on top of her. It’s not shocking or brutal but it does make your stomach turn on her behalf. Unlike Rhaenyra, who actually gets to experience pleasure and attraction with Criston Cole, she is only doing her “duty” as a wife.

Did You F*** Your Uncle?!

It’s pretty shocking to hear The Queen use such foul language. But it is clear that she’s upset and probably worried about her friend. Of course, Rhaenyra only tells the partial truth, which seems like something that will resurface and possibly destroy their already fragile relationship.

Daemon on the Ground

To say the Viserys is pissed would be an understatement. One of the big moments from this House of the Dragon episode is Daemon once again drawing ire from his brother. He is on the ground drunk and Viserys kicks him a few times before throwing him out… again.

Goodbye to the Hand

Rhaenyra knows that she cannot go against her father when it comes to an arraigned marriage. But she can pull one last card by convincing her father to relieve Otto Hightower of his duties. And that’s how this episode ends. What a ride.

Episode 5 – “We Light the Way”

Daemon’s Greeting

Daemon returns to the Vale and his wife Rhea is ready to verbally drag him. (As she should.) He doesn’t speak a single word, but rather causes her horse to throw her off, injuring her, and then walks ominously towards her with a rock. You know, the kind for bludgeoning a person. Yikes.

Visery’s Throwing Up

This could have been a lot more gross, but come on. You were offered a really fancy container to do it in and instead you do it over the railing on a ship. Gross.

Rhaenyra and Laenor’s Agreement

Surprisingly, Rhaenyra and Laenor are able to come to an agreement. She somehow knows that he’s not into women while he knows she wants to be with other men. So, they agree to do their realm duties but partake in whatever “meals” they desire. It’s a bit shocking but, in the context of this story, I’m not mad at it.

Visery’s Arm

There’s really not much to be said about it except, well, I can barely look at it. His arm is literally about to fall off and perhaps killing him. And it seems that those around him are doing little to nothing to help. We think we know why, though.

photo of Daemon killing his wife House of the dragon shocking moment
Alicent Turns Dark

Well, well. The one person who seemed to be somewhat innocent in this tale is now working on her own agenda. Alicent shows up in style at the wedding, wearing the color green. It signifies the Hightower’s banner color for war. And that’s what she’s about to wage against her former best friend, who is set to become queen sooner or later. Oof.

Sir Criston Cole Goes Rogue

Oh sir. You really don’t know how to play your part as the side dude. He gets upset when Laenor’s lover Joffrey reveals that he knows the secret between Criston and Rhaenyra. This leads to a full on fight where Criston kills Joffrey. Marriage celebrations are always a mess in this universe.

Viserys Is…Dead?

As if this wedding isn’t awful enough, Viserys passes out right after the vows between two very sad people. Is he dead? We will have to wait and see.

Episode 6 – “The Princess and the Queen”

Another Traumatic Birth Scene

We go through a pretty significant time jump in this episode. Rhanerya and Laenor have been married for quite sometime, as evidenced by their two older boys and her giving birth to a third baby boy. Of course, this show depicts childbirth pretty brutally and even though she doesn’t die, it is gnarly to watch. She has to get up moments after birth to present her child to the queen and is literally leaving a trail of blood behind her.

Aegon’s Present to the World

So, this Prince is a full on jerk. And speaking of the word jerk, that’s what he is doing to himself in a window sill in broad daylight when the Queen walks in on him. She doesn’t even address this foul behavior, instead coming to yell at him about being terrible to his younger brother. I guess this is the norm for him.

Adult Rhaenyra and her father ing Viserys holding her hand on House of the Dragon
Sir Criston Cole’s Salty Shenanigans

I take back anything nice I said about this guy. Years later, he’s still upset that the Princess didn’t give up her entire life to run away with him. And he knows good and well (like everyone) that all three of her children are fathered by Ser Harwin. He picks a deliberate fight with him and further affirms the rumors going around, causing a domino effect among everyone.

The Rotting King Viserys

Oh, forgot to mention this. Viserys isn’t dead…but he looks like it. The king could be an extra in The Walking Dead at this point and you really hate to see it.

Laena’s Sad Demise

Poor Laena. She barely got to be a character in this series. We finally get the grown up version of her, who is married to Daemon with two children and a third on the way. Cousin weirdness aside, they actually seem to be a good match with genuine love between them. But, she goes through a difficult birth and chooses to die via dragon fire. It is tough to watch this happen, even though she made this decision on her own.

Larys’ Big Evil Plan

Queen Alicent tells Larys Strong she wishes her father Ser Otto were still the King’s Hand. So, Larys decides to do something for her (and moreso for himself) by starting a fire at Harrenhal. This is where Ser Lyonel and Harwin both die in a fire. Big yikes but it sets up perhaps the most brutal villain we will see in House of the Dragon.

Stay tuned with us all season long as we document all the brutal, shocking, and stomach churning moments on House of the Dragon!

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