Hot Toys’ WASP Figure Stands Ready to Fly ANT-MAN out of Trouble

Though other companies have been slow to follow, Hot Toys has been giving us picture-perfect female superhero figures for years now, so nobody should ever have doubted they ‘d make a great Wasp. Today, we finally got our first good look at Hope van Dyne, and she’s as Dyne-amic as we’d, er, hope.

About time we had a woman stick the heroic landing pose, right? And unlike Deadpool, she can probably spare her knees by using the wings to lessen the impact. In a particularly cool touch, Wasp’s helmet contains LED lights so you can see her eyes inside. It’d be cool to see a comic-based Catwoman with that feature.

The wings are removable from her backpack, an dcome in both standby and flying mode, plus she comes with two headsculpts, multiple hands, and a backdrop that’s designed to make it look like she just enlarged herself from bug-size.

There’s so much to like about this figure that we’re tempted to call it the audacity of Hope. But we’re not the kind to make such dad jokes, obviously. Because her dad is no joke. A jerk sometimes, yes. But he leaves the funny stuff to his suited successor.

Other companies will make smaller figures, too, so you can have multiple scales of Wasp for the full effect. Those of you who collect, say, different sizes of Batman can’t get away with that “all in the same continuity” excuse!

Are you feeling the buzz of this new flying heroine? Been stung by the Hot Toys collecting bug yet? Let us know in comments.

Images: Hot Toys

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