Horror Piñatas Finally Let You Bash Pennywise’s Face In

I’m not afraid to admit that  It scared the living hell out of me. Pennywise is a horrible, horrible clown who deserves nothing but the worst for all the awful things he did to the little kiddos in Derry. As such, one of my favorite scenes from the movie is seeing Richie Tozier (Finn Wolfhard from  Stranger Things) bash Pennywise’s face in with a bat. It’s a shining example of retributive justice, one in which I wish I could’ve partaken myself. Luckily for me, and anyone else seeking revenge for the two-plus hours of pure terror they had to endure, there are now Pennywise the Clown piñatas which you too can pummel with a baseball bat.

Thanks to the Etsy shop HangMeOfficial (yeah, you read that right), you can now light up any formal gathering with a fun-filled smackdown of a Pennywise the Clown piñata. Not just for Halloween, these piñatas can be enjoyed all year round. They’re perfect for events like birthday parties, board meetings, Boxing Day celebrations or even just for a late-night bash to make you feel better/safer before bed. Is beating a clown with a baseball bat for candy a bit macabre for a birthday party? Perhaps. Is it cathartic as hell? Definitely. And if Pennywise isn’t quite your taste, the Etsy seller offers a wide variety of horror icons turned piñatas including but not limited to Child’s Play’s  Chucky, Leatherface, and Gene Simmons. The piñatas are all handmade, 8X19 inches tall and are sure to end all those dancing Pennywise nightmares you keep having. And if they don’t, well, then buy more piñatas and hit harder.

Featured Image: Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

Images: Etsy/ HangMeOfficial

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