Real-Life 3D Homer Simpson Has Us Asking “Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children”

It’s no exaggeration to say Homer Simpson might be the best character in the history of television.

He’s the core of The Simpsons, one of the longest running television sitcoms ever, he’s one of the funniest characters of all-time, and he’s a beloved father figure–despite his shortcomings. However the whole best character thing would definitely not be true if, instead of being animated. he was an actual person, because an artist has shown what Homer Simpson would look like in real life, and it is beyond horrifying

Artist Miguel Vasquez, who previously haunted our nightmares with his hyper-realistic 3D-printed re-imaging of SpongeBob and Patrick, is back with his latest work of art showing what the patriarch of The Simpsons might look like in the real world. But because he bases his models on cartoon characters’ physical features, Homer looks nothing like he did in that “Treehouse of Horror” episode.


D’oh! We…we don’t know know how to respond to that.

Fortunately one of the great things about The Simpsons being on the air since before television was invented is that you can always find a quote or a moment from the show itself that perfectly addresses any situation. And we know just the gif to use for this monstrosity.

Of course that meme would definitely not be as popular if Homer were a real person.

What cartoon character do you hope to see him make a real-life version of next? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: 20th Century Fox

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