This Basement Video Store Is a Dream Quarantine Project

Home projects are super popular right now for obvious reasons. The world is starting to open back up a bit but a lot of people are continuing to stay at home during the pandemic. And, if you have to be stuck inside anyway, you might as well make your space fun, right? That’s exactly what this couple, specifically the husband, did. But he didn’t add a pretty backsplash in their kitchen or a new sink to the bathroom. He turned their basement into a throwback video rental store.

The cool digs, which we coincidentally found on Digg, is a video store lovers’ dream with a lot of fun and nostalgia. A video from Tik Tok account @thevideobunker gives fans a tour of the uber-cool space from the glass front door (which you must pull, not push) to all of the bits of paraphernalia. It’s straight out of the ’80s with neon lighting, posters, figurines, and even a separate viewing room in the back.

@thevideobunkerBest wife ever. #thevideobunker #videostore #vhstapes #movietok #renovation ♬ original sound – Be Kind, Rewind

There’s even an, ahem, adults-only section behind the front counter. Gotta keep it out of the hands of kids. It’s pretty obvious that this collection is their private one; honestly, its a cool way to display all their goods. Your own Blockbuster-esque video store beats having your prized possessions in your garage or in a storage bin for sure.

a photo of a plain black VHS tape from video store on a black background

Miguel Á. Padriñá/Pexels

In the clip, the quite-proud wife reveals how her husband got the brilliant idea. Their local video store closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic so he was able to acquire a lot of shelving. His project quickly got underway with all of their DVDs, VHS tapes, Blu-rays, and video games coming together to make it a super cool space.

It’s the kind of place we’d love to swing by on a Friday night to grab a good rental.

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