10 Essential Gifts for the STAR WARS Fan in Your Family

It’s almost the most magical time of the year… we’re talking about the day that The Last Jedi hits theaters Christmas, of course! As always, we’re here to help with all your gift giving woes. For this seasonal roundup we’ve collected a whole bunch of magical Star Wars themed gifts from stocking fillers to shockingly extravagant surprises for your nearest and dearest galactic pals. So pull on your Santa hats, put on The Star Wars Holiday Special, and get ready for all the Life Day gifts we’ve got for you!

Death Star Waffle Maker

That’s no moon! You’re right, it’s a waffle! Yes, make your own delicious Death Star delicacies whilst taking down the Empire at the same time with this rad Death Star waffle maker from Think Geek. It costs $39.99, but can you really put a price on defeating Darth Vader by eating delicious, delicious waffles? OF COURSE NOT!

Porg Blanket and Pillow Porg

Who doesn’t love porgs? Terrible people who hate cute cuddly probably Force sensitive creatures, that’s who! If you’re a sensible humanoid who wants to be cozy and cuddle a porg, then this sweet set from Target is for you. For only $17.09 you can take your very own Ahch-To native home with you and keep yourself warm on these cold winter nights!

Resist Last Jedi Shirt

It’s been a long time coming but Star Wars has finally started putting the girls at the front and center of their merch. With The Last Jedi we’ve been blessed with another fantastic female heroine in Rose Tico, who takes center on this super shirt that celebrates the heroes of the resistance. You can snag this from the  Disney Store for just $27.99!

Death Star Ice Cube Mold

These super cool ice cube molds are a must-have for any discerning Star Wars fan. Pop them in your favorite soda or make your signature cocktail super nerdy by dropping this rad icy Death Star into your glass. These are the perfect stocking stuffers and you can grab a pair on Amazon for just $6.39.

Millenium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker

Need to play your favorite song in less than 12 parsecs? Then you obviously need this Millennium Falcon Bluetooth player! You can also pretend you’re piloting the Falcon as you answer all your calls with its wireless capabilities. Don’t be a nerfherder and grab this galactic piece of tech for $49.99 from Hot Topic.

From A Certain Point of View

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in the galaxy whilst the battles rage around you, From a Certain Point of View is the book for you. Celebrating 40 years of Star Wars, this book collects 40 short stories that are told by background characters in A New Hope. This lovely hardcover collection is a great gift for Star Wars fans new and old. You can grab this on Amazon for $24.48.

Forces of Destiny: Leia on Endor

Disney’s Star Wars: Forces of Destiny range has been one of the most exciting additions to Star Wars canon, with stories created throughout the Star Wars timeline focused on the women of the series. With a large line of dolls it’s often hard to choose which one you’re going to take home, but this Christmas it has to be this Leia and Wicket on Endor set which is $27.99 at Shopko.

Millennium Falcon Chocolate Thins

The holidays are a time for snacking, splurging, and eating a whole lot of sweet treats. Luckily for the cookie loving Star Wars fan out there, the Truffle Cottage have an incredible range of galactic themed treats including these super detailed almost too lovely to eat chocolate things made in the image of everyone’s favorite space freighter. The best part is they’re just $2.50 each!

Death Star Fire Pit

Got a spare $3,500 to spare for the super fan in your life? If you do you better get to West Coast Fire Pits and snap up this custom Death Star Fire Pit. Who hasn’t wanted to sit around and watch the Empire’s most iconic ship burn whilst you take in the beauty of your back yard and drink a cold beer? Well you can now make that dream a reality. You can thank us later.

For the Special Pet in your life…

Could these mice in Star Wars cosplay be the best Star Wars merch of all time? We’re not saying they are but we also aren’t saying they’re not… If you want to treat your fave furry friend–or just someone who loves cute stuff–this holiday season, then grab these limited edition beauties from Petco for only $2.59 FOR BOTH!

What will you be picking up from our seasonal smorgasbord? Do you have a Star Wars fan in the family? Are you just gonna buy it all for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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