7 Gifts the RIVERDALE Fan in Your Life Needs

The snow is falling and the jingles are jangling, which means it must almost be Christmas! This festive season there’s a new kid on the fandom block, and it’s the neo-noir teen Twin Peaks we all love…yes, we’re talking about Riverdale, of course! We’ve scoured every corner of the known world (even the South Side) to find you the best Riverdale themed gifts for your Bughead shippers and Skeet Ulrich dream daddies. So, join us on the long road to gift giving gratification.

Jughead Beanie

Easily one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in comic book history, Jughead’s crown has been reimagined for the modern age with the new knit cap look introduced in Riverdale. You can casually cosplay as everyone’s favorite burger eating weirdo with this fantastic Jughead Crown beanie from Hot Topic. Yes, you too can look as cute and cool as Cole Sprouse himself for the very reasonable price of $16.90. It’s sold out online, so check out Hot Topic retail locations to track it down.

Betty and Veronica Handbag

There’s only one choice for the Veronica Lodge in your life, and it’s this outstanding pop art handbag by the Betty and Veronica brand. One of a brand new range of high end accessories from the gorgeous line inspired by the two iconic ladies of Riverdale, this particular arm candy will run you $230. But can you really put a price on looking this good?

Afterlife with Archie: Volume 1

Whether you have a horror fan in your life or a recent Riverdale convert, Afterlife with Archie is the book for you. This gruesome reimagining of Archie’s world from Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is a bleakly funny horror comic. It’s simply unmissable, especially as its dark aesthetic and grim tone are a huge influence on The CW smash hit show. Discover the darkness on Amazon for only $17.65.

Riverdale High long sleeve shirt

Need to fit in on your first day at Riverdale High? Well, now you can with this very understated long sleeve shirt from Walmart. This classic look is a great gift for the Archie in your life, someone who wants to rep their Riverdale love without committing to making a full-on Cheryl level statement. You can make your local redhead happy for only $25.95.

Custom Riverdale Funko Pops

You’d think that with the selection of Pop! figures available, you’d definitely be able to find your favorite cool Archie-verse teen in your local hobby shop. Alas, no. But luckily for you, Etsy user Haven Thorne Customs has created a line of custom Riverdale vinyls which are really, really cool. The detailed figures are made-to-order, so they’ll run you a little more than your average pop at $50. But can you really resist owning your very own Juggie?

Archie Digest

It’s not just huge gifts that we’ve got for you this Christmas–we’ve got your stocking stuffers covered too! These $2.99 classic Archie Digest comics are the perfect mini-treat for loved ones of all ages this holiday season. Especially as Barnes and Noble has a killer collection of Betty vs. Veronica books. which are obviously the best.

Archie’s Gals Pin

For the pin lover out there, artist Sara Lyon‘s ongoing collaborations with Archie Comics’ Betty and Veronica line are a must have. We’ve picked this particularly perfect pin that showcases Riverdale‘s most famous poly triptych: Betty, Veronica, and their boy toy, Archie. Gorgeous enamel work and Sara’s splendid design make this pin shine above the rest. It can be your perfect gift for Archie lovers everywhere for only $15.

Images: Walmart, Hot Topic, Archie Comics, Sara Lyon, Haven Thorne Customs, Betty and Veronica

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