Have the Most Festive Facial Fur With Holiday Beard Lights

Sorry, Santa Claus — you may own the season, but your bushy white whiskers are no longer the best Christmas beard merely by default. You better watch out and you better not cry about competition, because Yuletide beard lights are coming to town. Via LadBible, these clip-on curiosities are sure to light your sleigh tonight, and if you live in warmer climates, they’ll highlight your “slay” in every Xmas-themed fashion competition, official or otherwise.Rudolph only had the one glowing light in his nose. You’ll have several in that face forest of yours, and anyone who ever dared doubt your commitment to non-shaving will change their tune.

Just don’t wear them in the rain, or at any event where you might be trying to bob for apples or indulge in any chugging games. Heavy amounts of liquid plus electricity is a combination most shocking. The original Firebox beard lights sold out rapidly, but you can still buy beard lights as of this writing from Amazon. So if Nick Offerman or Billy Gibbons is on your holiday gift list, check with their other friends to make sure they didn’t grab them first.If these catch on, let’s hope they start getting even crazier. Little skull beard lights for Halloween, for example. Flashing hearts for Valentine’s Day. Hello Kitty heads because Hello Kitty is cute and she has a nice greeting. You get the idea.Is a hirstute holy holly day something your face has been sorely seeking? Whisk down to comments and wax eloquent with your thoughts!

Image: Firebox

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