There’s Another New Version Of Pandemic Coming, And This One’s A Period Piece

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Based in the real history of a historically turbulent (or should we say virulent) time on the Iberian Peninsula, this limited edition game takes Pandemic to new levels. Gone are supply drops and airlifts, no more science labs or biohazard suits. It’s 1848 and clean water is one of the few weapons you have. Pandemic: Iberia takes the series to new heights by taking away all the technology that you need and throwing you into the chaos of battle.

Making matters worse (or better?), it’s you vs. malaria, typhoid, cholera, and yellow fever and the available roles/jobs start with rural doctor and nurse then move on to sailor and railwayman. There is something quite compelling about the lack of resources here, as Pandemic and its many expansions have sort of codified the winning strategy. Having to think outside the box and work with no infrastructure (or a medical degree) will make for real challenge and fun.

Here’s the teaser trailer which is big on flavor but short on information:

As a long time Pandemic player, I was amazed at my Pavlovian response when that hand comes and places three disease cubes on the map. “Oh no!” I thought, “An Epidemic.” Oh, Pandemic, and the hold you have on me.

If you’re already interested, you’ll have to wait until the fall when the game will see a limited “Collector’s Edition” release. It can accommodate up to 5 players and is designed by Matt Leacock (the original Pandemic and Pandemic: Legacy) and Jesús Torres Castro for Z-Man Games. In this game, the people you are trying to save may be just as dangerous as the disease.

Let us know if this new Pandemic has given your a game buying fever. Or is Cthulhu Pandemic more your style? Leave your comments below and then use some hand sanitizer. I’m getting paranoid now.

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