HITMAN’s Agent 47 Visits the Nerdist Office with Deadly Results

We have a killer prop closet here at Nerdist, but that doesn’t mean we want to spend all day in it. Okay, yes, maybe we do, but that doesn’t mean we want to be forced into it against our will by a skilled assassin. Unfortunately when Hitman‘s Agent 47 visits the office to recover some highly sensitive information there’s not much our knowledge of famous rubber duckies can do to stop him.

It all started when our Dan Casey received a mysterious briefcase with the super secret details for the new Miami level in Hitman. The next thing we knew he was missing, then Kyle Hill and Jessica Chobot disappeared too, and (as is way too frequently the case around here) the next thing we knew Team Nerdist was engaged in yet another brutal battle to the death.

If you knew how often H.R. has told us 1) not to trust random briefcases and 2) to avoid fighting trained killers especially inside the office, you would be so disappointed in us. That’s why when someone sends us a package with all of the secrets for the upcoming Hitman 2 we are…robably going to open it immediately.

Please don’t tell Agent 47.

Thanks to WB Games for making this video possible! Check out Hitman 2 and pre-order here.

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