Hit the High Seas With Your Favorite Celebrities on JoCo Cruise

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You may have heard some of your favorite celebri-nerds talking online about JoCo Cruise , but what the heck is it?

Jonathan Coulton alongside Paul & Storm (three extremely talented and awesome musicians) co-founded JoCo cruise 7 years ago. The event, which began as a small group taking over part of a cruise to spend time with fans, has mushroomed into a full fledged specatular that, for the first time this year, has claimed an entire cruise ship. Jonathan Coulton explains the cruise as “kind [of] like a floating nerd convention, but none of the awful parts and a lot more fruity drinks and lying in the sun by the pool.” This year JoCo is touring around the Sea of Cortez, in Mexico, March 4th-11th.

Somewhere between a convention, music festival, and summer camp, Sea Monkeys (as the fans are called) can enjoy a variety of activities during their week long cruise. You can expect to see music concerts and comedy shows, live podcasts, author readings, panels, and something called “office hours” where celebrities can announce a meet-up at a location to do something off the cuff. Coulton explained “Wil Wheaton might say ‘Hey I’m going to be at the pub at 3 o’ clock. I’ll read some of my stuff and we’ll have some beers together’ or people might do a live Dungeons & Dragons game.” These events are spontaneous and intimate and offer fans moments that could never happen at a larger convention.

Image Credit: Steve Petrucelli

JoCo also gives the fans a chance to be a part of the show. The cruise has what is called “The Shadow Cruise.” While it sounds ominous, it is really just a chance for attendees to organize and host their own own events. Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo added “We’ll set aside space for the attendees and if they have a cool thing they want to do then we’ll see if we can make that happen. It could be a game session, dance lessons, or crafting.”

This year, the cruise is also offering a unique music show they have dubbed JoCoachella. It is being held in the port of Loretto, which most cruise ships usually don’t stop at because it is not set up for large tours. The small town has opened up to let the cruise stay overnight to hold a huge music festival. Loretto is home to one of the oldest mission in all of North America, so not only will you have a chance to enjoy a fun show, but you can also explore a historic town that most people never have a chance to see.

All in all, JoCo cruise sounds like a fantastic 7 night vacation with some pretty amazing people. It’s a great place to meet other geeks and form friendships to last the ages. There are still rooms available for the upcoming cruise. If you are interested in learning more you can explore the JoCo Cruise Offical Website and follow the event on Twitter. Want to know a little bit more about who’ll be attending? Check out the list below!

Image Credit: JoCo Cruise

Jonathan Coulton, co-founder/co-producer – geek rock musician
Paul & Storm, co-founders/co-producers – musical comedy duo

Rhea Butcher – standup comic, actor, and writer
Cameron Esposito – standup comic, actor, and writer
Peter Sagal – NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and PBS’s Constitution USA with Peter Sagal
Janet Varney – actor known for The Legend of Korra; Burning Love; You’re the Worst
Wil Wheaton – actor, blogger, gamer & writer known for Star Trek: TNG and The Big Bang Theory

Ed Brubaker – writer for comics, film & TV including HBO’s Westworld and Marvel’s The Winter Soldier
N.K. Jemisin – award-winning writer of speculative fiction including The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
Maureen Johnson – New York Times bestselling author of a dozen young adult novels
Mary Robinette Kowal – Hugo Award-winning author of The Glamourist Histories fantasy series
Patrick Rothfuss – author, podcaster & gamer, known for bestselling novel, The Name of the Wind
John Scalzi – science fiction author, known for Old Man’s War series & Hugo-winning Redshirts
Matthew Weiner – creator, Exec Producer, writer & director of Emmy Award winning Mad Men

Jim Boggia – Philly-based pop singer-songwriter
The Doubleclicks – aka Angela & Aubrey Webber, sisters & geeky musicians
Jean Grae – hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York City, formally known as What? What?
Zoë Keating – cellist, composer, and one-woman orchestra
Ted Leo – singer and songwriter known for his years in the American punk underground & The Both
Molly Lewis – ukele player, internet sensation
Aimee Mann – rock singer, singer-songwriter & bassist known for solo work, ‘Til Tuesday & The Both
John Roderick – musician, writer, & podcaster known as the singer & guitarist for The Long Winters

At the 2016 New York Comic Con they also announced a whole new wave of guests including:

Chelsea Cain – New York Times bestselling author known for Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell series
Mark Gagliardi – Actor known for Comedy Central’s Drunk History and Thrilling Adventure Hour
Jackie Kashian – Standup comedian, writer & co-host of Nerdist’s The Jackie and Laurie Show podcast
Hal Lublin – Actor known for Thrilling Adventure Hour, Welcome to Night Vale, The Venture Bros
Justin McElroy – Co-host of Maximum Fun’s My Brother, My Brother & Me and Sawbones podcasts
Sydnee McElroy – Co-host of Maximum Fun’s Sawbones and Still Buffering podcasts
Aparna Nancherla – Comedian & writer known for Inside Amy Schumer and Late Night with Seth Meyers
David Rees – Cartoonist, writer & TV host known for National Geographic’s Going Deep with David Rees
Gail Simone – Comic book writer known for DC’s Birds of Prey & Wonder Woman and Marvel’s Deadpool

Who would you want to meet on JoCo Cruise? What events would you want to host? What other nerdy events like this are out there. Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: Michael Bain

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