High-Speed Centrifugal Slip ‘N Slide Built to Celebrate Australia Day

Australia, the land down under (where it’s been reported that the “women glow and the men plunder”), is known for knocking just about everything up another notch. Like knives, and spiders, and snakes, and so many other things that can kill you. Speaking of things that can kill you from Australia, check out the Slip ‘N Slide-like contraption in the above clip. It looks like insane slippery fun and also a great way to potentially yank an arm right out of its socket!

The daring display of Newtonian mechanics and national pride, which comes via Sploid, is the brainchild of a group of Australians in the capital city, Canberra. It was built in honor of  Australia Day, and first posted to Facebook by Jake River Henderson Fraser, who gave a shout-out to its makers, “Phil Jacob, Mike Jacob, CJ and BOGAN JACK.” (We want your name, Bogan Jack.)

According to Reddit user owenob1, who says he was there, “It took about 7 days to design… engineer” and build the slick and soapy dance with death. He also says that the the rig — which consists of a water-squirting Hills Hoist-like contraption and a ring of soapy plastic — has three speeds, but they only used number one as the others “were deemed too unsafe.”

If your gut says that despite this thing being only on the lowest speed, it still looks dangerous, you’re absolutely correct: owenob1 says that “When you fall off it hurts – ALOT [sic].”

Would you ride this cartwheel of slippery high-speed doom? Do you think that Australians have some kind of gene that makes them invulnerable to rational fear? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: YouTube / Daniel Jacob

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