These High School Seniors Had Permission to Cosplay for Their Student IDs

We’re not sure if North Farmington High School in Michigan is the best high school in the country, but it’s definitely in the running for the second straight year. Because just like we told you about last year, they have once again let the senior class take their official student ID photos in costume as famous pop culture figures. And since they let them share their amazing and hilarious get-ups online for all of us to enjoy, we rounded up some of our favorites.

These kids aren’t just creative, they really know how to put together a costume, especially if it involves Dwight Schrute.

We think we know who takes these students to school every day.

If this school doesn’t have the best drama department in the nation something is wrong.

— DrippyyAv (@DrippyyAv) September 13, 2018

We judge this student’s ID as worthy of the highest court.

One student even turned to the NFL for inspiration, dressing up as new Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia.

You just know this student is a troublemaker.

Can some billionaire please reward these students with free college tuition?

Wait, is this one a costume….or is that really…

I can show you the school!

There are too many amazing IDs to share all of them, so we encourage you to search the Twitter #nfid19 to see the rest, but we’ve already seen enough to know one thing.

This really is the best high school in the country.

What ID is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: DC Comics/MGM/Universal Pictures

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