Hideo Kojima and Jordan Peele Team Up for OD Horror Video Game, Reveal Cryptic Trailer

If you want to make a horror game that will really pique fans’ interest, then you have to have creator names and an unsettling world that draws them in. And, when it comes to horror and games, Jordan Peele and Hideo Kojima are both excellent in their crafts. The horror director and the game developing legend joined forces at The Game Awards to present their intriguing new venture. The trailer for Jordan Peele and Hideo Kojima’s horror game OD doesn’t give us much information but it is just enough to grab attention.

That trailer is very strange and intense but that’s the point. It is a morsel to make our mouths water for more. Right now, there are little to no details about OD’s overall premise nor the type of game it is. It could be a first-person adventure or something entirely different. It does seem to have a 2024 release date and will feature actors Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier. Kojima promises that OD will break new ground in the gaming world. Via a translator at The Gaming Awards, Kojima said the following: “It is a game, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a movie. A new form of media.”

That cinematic aspect is where Jordan Peele’s genius comes in. The Get Out director hit the stage with Kojima and said that this project is indeed unique. It’s lovely to see Hideo Kojima’s desire to be in the horror genre come to life via his Kojima Productions studio. It is the second game for the studio following Death Stranding (2019), which is getting the movie treatment. And, with Xbox Game Studios and Jordan Peele working with him, it should be quite the thrilling ride.

OD horror game trailer image of a girl screaming hideo kojima and jordan peele collaboration
Kojima Productions

But that’s not all! There will be other collaborator announcements at a later date. Kojima calls this creative collective “the Avengers,” so we can only speculate about who else is a part of the OD game team.

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