Hershey’s Chocolate Bars Will Soon Be Branded With Emojis

The Hershey Company has been an American institution since first producing chocolate bars in 1894. And in almost all that time, they’ve maintained their simple, uncomplicated logo and design. Unlike long running brands like McDonald’s and Coca Cola, they’ve never felt the need to gives us a hip new look. Until now that is. According to a report coming from Today, the iconic chocolate bars will soon be receiving their own new branding for the first time ever. And it’s not Star Wars or Marvel characters. It’s with emojis.

Each of the new Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bars are going to include the same mini rectangular bars in all of their packages that consumers have come to know and love. Only now, instead of just being stamped with the word “Hershey’s”  as they have for over a century, there will soon be a well known emoji. Hey, if Emojis can get a movie, then why can’t they get food products?

Even though there are hundreds of emojis now, the Hershey company managed to narrow it down to just 25. Somehow, someone decided that the poop emoji should be one of them, because that’s what people want on a chocolate bar? The poop emoji will be joined by its good friends excited heart eyes face, thumbs up, and heart emoji.

According to a company press release, a Hershey rep said that the emojis that were chosen because they

“feature meanings that would help to spark a conversation and make new connections. In today’s text-savvy world, many conversations start with a message that contains an emoji; so it made sense to work directly with people using emojis the most — parents and kids.”

It’s unclear how long this new branding will last, but expect the Emoji Hershey bars to start hitting shelves this summer.

Images: The Hershey Company

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