Here’s How to Fix the Annoying iOS 11 Bug that Autocorrects ‘i’ to ‘A?’

While the iPhone X rollout seems to have started off smoothly for Apple, the iOS 11 software update released back in September has had at least one noticeable and annoying bug for many users: when one tries to type the letter “i” into a text field, the autocorrect changes it to an “A” with a “[?]” symbol next to it. If you’ve found yourself dealing with this problem, don’t fret. Below are some suggestions from Apple—as well as the internet!—on how to fix the issue.

News of the bug comes via Lifehacker, and if you want to go straight to source, here’s the page that has Apple’s suggested workaround. You just need to go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement, then press the “+” symbol, and type an upper-case “I” for the phrase and a lower-case “i” for the shortcut. This seems to have worked for most of the people dealing with the problem.

If that doesn’t manage to work for you (although it probably will), and you’re especially annoyed by the bug, you can also turn the predictive text feature off. Or, if you really want to get spicy, you can download Gboard and see if Google can win some of your keyboardin’ business.

Apple said on its fix page that the problem will be fixed in a future software update, although no timeframe is given on when that may be. Until then, try the workaround, download Gboard (if you want/need to), and whatever you do, DON’T PANIC… and if you do panic, don’t try to spell out “panic.” It’ll just frustrate you further.

What do you think about this iOS11 bug? Have you had this problem? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Világos Gergő

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