The Internet’s Best Reactions to Henry Cavill’s WITCHER Look

By now, you probably know that Netflix revealed their first look at Henry Cavill in  The Witcher on Wednesday. Stoic and silver-haired, Geralt is known for both a distinct look and a fondness for drinking potions. As it turned out — and as the internet quickly picked up on — Henry Cavill as Geralt looks a lot like another character. Or three characters. Or is it five? Basically, Twitter figured out that the actor’s Witcher costume was an uncanny valley of characters from multiple beloved franchises. And it is hilarious.First, this is how he was introduced:’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll, and looking good doing it, as always. But not everyone was easily convinced that this was their Geralt.’s a fair assessment, if rigid adherence to authenticity is your thing. Is that Netflix’s thing, though? Not exactly. And their take on Geralt gave Twitter a lot of other “Hang on, I’ve seen this before!” type of ideas. Like Lord of The Rings vibes. wrong! Not wrong at all. Actually, maybe this could be the birth of some successful fan fiction?Here were some other pop culture-inspired moments: person just put a mustache on him, which is inexplicably funny. there was another vote for Twin Peaks‘ Bob. really, the Mortal Kombat comparisons were too much to ignore., congrats to Netflix for unintentionally launching another successful meme! And what a day this is for people with extremely specific Mortal Kombat references floating around in their brains. Who knew there were so many?It will be interesting to see how Netflix responds to these reactions on Twitter. If the account does at all, that is. Cavill himself is fairly active on Instagram, so it’s possible that he’ll weigh in on the comparisons before Netflix has a chance to. If the man can cede control of his social media to his own mustache, he’s probably down to post a meme or two about The Witcher.

Image: Netflix

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