Henry Cavill Explains His Reloading Arms and Magic Beard in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE

Normally when a new Mission: Impossible movie comes out, the focus is on the latest insane stunt Tom Cruise almost died while shooting.

But even though Fallout might include some of the craziest Ethan Hunt moments yet, they have been completely overshadowed by Henry Cavill‘s reloading arms and magically appearing facial hair. We’re not talking about the infamous mustache that gave us Superman’s weird CGI face in Justice League; we’re talking about the beard that only appears (along with a breast pocket on his shirt) in the movie’s bathroom fight moments after he cocks his biceps for battle. Such has become the internet’s latest and greatest obsession, and his fellow Fallout costars can’t get enough of it.

That’s not how arms or beards work, right? (Right?) Well, maybe not for most of us, but according to Simon Pegg, things are different for Henry Cavill.

Warner Bros. probably wished Cavill could instantly grow a mustache that way since it would have saved them a lot of ridicule. Also, we agree with the man himself. If we’re ever about to throw down we are going to load our arms just in case. In fact, why wait for a fight?

Fans aren’t the only ones obsessed with his strange fight prep. Cavill’s castmates love it so much they have been making him do it as they promote the film.

That will never not be funny, even if it becomes the next big dance craze after Cavill himself gave a tutorial on how to load your arms on Good Morning America.

The internet’s obsession with his magic beard and loading arms is glorious.

What are the odds in M:I7 Tom Cruise’s biggest stunt is him trying reloading his legs and growing Ethan Hunt’s hair back from the second movie?

What activity would you reload your arms for? Your mission is to tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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