HELLRAISER Puzzle Box Now a Toy Kids Can Play With

This is either the coolest thing we’ve seen in a while from a major retailer, or the most twisted. Or maybe a little bit of both? According to the folks at Boing Boing, Walmart is now selling toy replicas of LeMarchand’s Lament Configuration from the Hellraiser franchise. The Hellraiser puzzle box has become a STEM toy, one intended for children to play with as they learn about technology and engineering. Yes, the very puzzle box that unleashes the Cenobites onto the Earthly plane and brings forth sadistic pleasures for them.

In the Walmart ad, we can even see a father and daughter posing with their replica Hellraiser toy box. I guess little Suzie really wanted to meet Pinhead instead of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Someone get those cherubic little children away from the Hellraiser box before things get ugly! You can see images of the Hellraiser puzzle box toy replica in our gallery right here:

This is a very faithful recreation of the infamous puzzle box from Clive Barker’s original Hellraiser film series. It looks like they got all the details right. They somewhat reinvented the box for the 2022 version, now streaming on Hulu. But for the STEM toy, it seems they kept things old school. We can hear Doug Bradley’s voice coming through the screen just looking at it. That is the version of the cube that became iconic, after all. And we suppose, when it comes down to it, the puzzle box is a feat of engineering… We guess the kids can learn a lot from this Hellraiser toy.

Brain Game Hellraiser Puzzle Box ad

Unfortunately, if you click on the official Walmart page, the Hellraiser puzzle cube is currently sold out. But that means it’s quite popular, so we imagine that they’ll be back in stock at some point. Unless angry parents with torches and pitchforks show up. Back in the day, they used to sell Freddy Krueger pajamas and dolls to little kids, so this isn’t really that different. After all, they are both horror movies with, shall we say, deeply adult undertones. It’s all about the same kind of messed up.

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