David Harbour Will Do a Hellboy Wedding for 666K Retweets

David Harbour, Stranger Things star, dancing dad, and the next Hellboy on the big screen, isn’t afraid to respond to pie-in-the-sky social media requests. He’s danced with penguins and taken school pictures with a lucky fan, and he’s ready for his next challenge.Spencer Perry of ComingSoon.net and Syfy writer (and Nerdist contributor) Carly Lane are getting married next spring and requested a very special officiant: Hellboy. David Harbour graciously agreed to issue a Twitter challenge to make their Hellboy dream wedding happen after Spencer replied to his search for an ambitious request to close out 2018.

That’s right, he’ll officiate the wedding as Hellboy. Originally offered as a 666k retweet challenge, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola stepped up to knock 500,000 off the goal by surprisingly agreeing to read a poem for the couple within just a few hours.

“We’re so excited that David has taken us up on our Twitter challenge,” Spencer and Carly told Nerdist, “but even moreso that we’ve been able to give people something nice to look forward to in a world not too far removed from one with frog monsters. We hope that we can reach our goal, but even if we fall short, the support so far has been something we’ll cherish.”As of this post, the happy couple is just over 23,000 retweets, and well on their way to the new goal of 166,000 thanks to Mike Mignola. Will you share Harbor’s original tweet in the name of love? (We hope so!) Or at the very least, just to see him show up in a church in full Hellboy makeup and costume?If you could ask anyone to officiate your wedding, who would you ask? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: Lionsgate

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