Be Just Like HELLBOY and Make Your Own Right Hand of Doom!

We’ve all wanted to be our favorite comic book character at some point, right? Fresh from the pages of our most beloved book, ready to save the galaxy or adventure through time and space whilst kicking some bad guy butt! Well if your dream alter ego is Mike Mignola’s iconic Hellboy then it’s your lucky day because you’re now one step (or hand?) closer thanks to this radical video from Odin Makes.

Just in case you aren’t fully versed in Hellboy lore, his Right Hand of Doom is a hulking stone arm that was grafted onto his body by his father Azzael, who also totally happens to be a demon. Incapable of feeling pain and essentially invulnerable, this fist of fury is a giant part of Hellboy’s power set and it used to belong to a spirit named Anum. Oh yes, Big Red’s Right Hand of Doom is in fact an ancient artifact preserved over millennia before being gifted to our horned hero. So now you definitely want one, right?

In this handy (pun very much intended) how-to tutorial, our helpful host shows us how to build our very own Right Hand Of Doom just like Big Red himself. This is no amateur hour and actually ends up being a true feat of engineering magnificence as Odin Abbott creates a fully articulated puppet hand which has incredibly lifelike movement and also looks really freaking cool.

Though it does look appear to be an awful lot of work, this would be a rad addition to any discerning Hellboy fan’s collection as well as being a pretty spectacular cosplay accessory. Will you attempt to try this at home? Perhaps some early preparation for Nerdoween? Smash into our comments and let us know!

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Images: Dark Horse, Odin Makes

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