New HELLBOY Clip Has Big Red Facing Down the Blood Queen (Exclusive)

It’s less than a month until we’ll finally get to see Neil Marshall’s R-rated Hellboy reboot hit screens, and we’ve got an exclusive look at the big budget monster movie which showcases our muscled vermilion hero meeting with the witch who is trying to end our world.

It’s a brief clip but it contains a massive moment which sees Hellboy facing down against Nimune the Blood Queen as she creates a sweeping vortex sucking in everything in what looks like a half-mile radius. We even get a glimpse of one of the comics’ mythical creatures, the Gruagach, a fairy creature who is stuck in the body of boar, as they slip into the green swirling mass.

This is obviously a key sequence as we see Nimune offer Big Red a chance to team up with her, playing on the classic conundrum of why he would help humans when they clearly despise him. It hints at what will likely be the huge conflict in the film as the monstrous hero tries to work out just where he fits in the battle between gods, monsters, and mortals.

New HELLBOY Clip Has Big Red Facing Down the Blood Queen (Exclusive)_2

We get a real sense of the fantasy elements that will clearly be coming into play here and it feels like a scene from a more hardcore Lord of the Rings than a comic book flick that could arguably be filed under the superhero sub-genre. It also confirms what the last trailer revealed, that this iteration of the beloved character will be chock full of monsters, magic, and mayhem.

The film hits on April 12 so we’ll have to wait until then to see just what Marshall and co. have in store, until then though we’ll just be rewatching and dissecting this clip and trying to work out what we can expect from the new Hellboy movie.

Images: Lionsgate

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