Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Heinz’s ‘Ketchup Caviar’

There are certain foods we all associate with Valentine’s Day, things like chocolate, strawberries, and oysters. Those are  fares meant to stoke passion on the most romantic day of the year. One item that normally does not show up on our candlelit tables though is ketchup. This year Heinz wants to change that though, by making the popular condiment a little classier with “Ketchup Caviar.” And while it’s not quite as strange as it sounds, it’s still pretty weird.

Starting today, January 24, Heinz will have 150 jars of this “limited edition delicacy” (that’s one way to describe it) available for customers who visit their Twitter page at @HeinzKetchup_US. And while they say they will be available for four days, we doubt they’ll last very long. So what exactly is Ketchup Caviar? Despite it’s name it’s not actually fish eggs covered in ketchup, or even ketchup made with roe. They are little pearls of Heinz Tomato Ketchup that come in a caviar-esque packing.

While they aren’t made the same way as normal Heinz ketchup, the pearls have been “inspired by the thick and rich taste” of the stuff you normally get out of a bottle. This is just a way to elevate your Valentine’s Day meal into a fine dining experience….that involves ketchup.

While we imagine eating little balls of ketchup would be bizarre at first, that is a pretty classy looking case. And if your special Valentine is crazy about catsup, this would certainly be one way to hit them with Cupid’s arrow.

The most romantic thing you can feed the love of your life on Valentine’s Day is something they like, even if it’s ketchup.

Images: Heinz

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