He-Man Styled THUNDERCATS Are an ’80s Toy Dream Made Real

If you were an ’80s kid with a hankering for fantasy toys, it was all about Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats. Swords of power, spaceships and steeds, evil muscular skullfaced villains, and mystical fortresses abounded in both, while the individual action figures got weirder and weirder with more unique mechanisms. But one of the eternal frustrations was that the lines weren’t quite compatible–ThunderCats were a little bigger, and differently proportioned, which made visits to Castle Grayskull a little awkward. They briefly coexisted under Mattel as ThunderCats Classics, only to be canceled the following year. Funko‘s looking to right that major (okay, minor) wrong. We’ve already seen them do horror icons with He-Man proportions in their Savage World style, and now ThunderCats are here! How do you know they’ll be compatible with Masters of the Universe? Because that’s a repainted Mattel Fright Zone playset they’re standing on.

If you’re wondering why it’s all dudes, Cheetara’s planned for the next wave, which was shown at Toy Fair this year. And if you’re wondering if Funko can get the Masters of the Universe license, somebody else beat ’em to it. But if you have a vintage Battle Cat in the back of the closet, Lion-O can ride him now. Or would that be weird, since they’re both cats? Maybe Mumm-Ra on Panthor makes more sense. And what kid doesn’t want to see whether or not the Sword of Omens can stand up to the Chain Saw of Texas?

Up next for Savage World will be Conan the Barbarian, a license Mattel briefly pursued before inventing He-Man instead. Funko’s going for some seriously nerdy roots here.

Who would you like to see in this muscular, Eternian style? Give us some ideas in comments.

Images: Funko, Rankin/Bass

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