The never-ending train of reboots, revivals, revamps, reimaginings, and whatever other “re” words we use to describe taking something that exists and retooling it continues. Next up is Degrassi. Yes, that infamous Canadian teen drama series that introduced us to Drake before he became, well, Drake is being reborn. A Degrassi reboot will happen via HBO Max. The time has come to go back to class.

According to a report by The Wrap, the Degrassi reboot will follow a similar format as its ever-popular predecessors. It will look into the lives of several teens as they parse through the challenges of growing up; however, they will also have to contend with the aftermath of some series of events that change their lives. There will be love, hope, fear, and a path to finding a new normal.

Drake as Jimmy on Degrassi stands in hallway with other teens Degrassi reboot
WildBrain Studios

Honestly, I cannot hate on it at all. Why? Because it’s really not made for me. Sure there’s the idea of roping in millennials on the basis of nostalgia. But really, this is made so the youth can have their own version of this drama. After all, the Degrassi franchise does have several shows and movies under its belt. Lara Azzopardi (The Bold Type) and Julia Cohen (Riverdale) will serve as the new Degrassi’s showrunners along with longtime Degrassi franchise producer WildBrain. Filming starts in summer 2022, so the show will hit streaming services sometime in 2023. 

If you don’t care about this reboot but love Degrassi: The Next Generation, then you are in luck. HBO Max will have all the seasons available for your viewing pleasure. And it all starts on March 25. HBO Max even teased the 14 seasons of Canadian drama with a short trailer.

Yes, you can relive all those big and pivotal moments, from Jimmy getting shot to J.T.’s tragic death (which we will never get over). The early ’00s are officially back again, and honestly, it is not necessarily a bad thing considering our current predicament.  

Originally published on January 13, 2022.

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