This Hayao Miyazaki Bento Box Is Too Cute to Eat

Everyone loves Hayao Miyazaki, and the imaginative worlds he created in his films have inspired many of us to dream and create. One Miyazaki fan took things a step further, using Miyazaki himself to inspire a pretty awesome culinary achievement in the form of the coolest looking bento box ever.

Bento boxes can be assembled in a pretty straightforward manner, but more and more, bentos have become an outlet for some serious creativity. There isn’t a ton of space in those boxes, so finding a way to assemble a bento box in a way that not only utilizes the space effectively, but also creates a pleasing arrangement of the food has become a fun challenge for the more artistically inclined among us.

As SoraNews24 reports, Japanese Twitter user  @gtx373x got together with some work friends for a Ghibli-themed bento party, and one partygoer decided that instead of using their bento to recreate some of Studio Ghibli’s iconic characters, they would honor Miyazaki himself in their bento. The results are nothing short of brilliant.

According to SoraNews, the tweet reads: “We had a competition among co-workers to see whose Studio Ghibli-themed lunchbox reigned supreme. Among all the characters like Totoro or No-Face, one person made a Hayao bento that made us all laugh.”

The brilliant bento was created using whitebait fish for Miyazaki’s beard and hair; the glasses were made with seaweed; pollock roe created Miyazaki’s lips, and bento-Miyazaki’s skin was made of bacon. The bento is instantly recognizable as Miyazaki and almost feels too perfect to eat.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the Miyazaki bento won the Studio Ghibli bento competition, but it certainly has won the internet over. And one thing is for sure: we’re definitely inspired to step our lunch game up!

What do you think of the Hayao Miyazaki bento box? What are some of your favorite bento box designs that you’ve seen? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Feature Image: GKids

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