Video Shows All 43 of THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE’s Hidden Ghosts

One of the great treats of this past Halloween season was getting to binge watch Netflix’s new supernatural drama The Haunting of Hill House, which was loosely based on Shirley Jackson’s classic novel. This addictive and compelling ghost story had everybody talking,  and one of the coolest things about the show was creator Mike Flanagan’s penchant for having several hidden ghosts sprinkled throughout various scenes in the show, some of which were obvious, but many others which were very cleverly hidden. Now the folks at IMDb have created a video highlighting all of these creepy Easter eggs, and they were able to find a whopping 43 spooks.

Now, does this video show every single hidden ghost lurking on the grounds of Hill House? Creator Mike Flanagan won’t completely confirm it, saying on Twitter, “Think this is just about all of them, but I’d have to check,†leaving it open to the possibility that there are actually more ghosts still hidden. Who knows? Maybe people will be finding new ghostly Easter eggs for years to come.  The “Bent-Neck Lady” and that one tall ghost haunting the corridors of the house may have gotten all the attention, but a lot of these hidden ghosts are just as creepy and unsettling, if not more so.Although Flanagan has confirmed that the story of the Crain family that made up the bulk of the drama in season one of the series is over with, certainly Hill House had a very, very long history before that family arrived in the ’90s. Some of those hidden ghosts must have interesting stories as to just how they got there, stories that could be fleshed out in future prequel seasons of the series. Or maybe this is a one-and-done, and fans will have to create their own backstories for these wandering spirits. One thing’s for sure — people are going to be combing over every frame of the series looking for one more hidden ghost for a long time still.Which hidden ghost creeped you out the most on the show? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Netflix

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