Let Harry Styles Read You a Bedtime Story

Gather ’round, it’s time for a bedtime story. One of my favorite things that the British children’s TV channel CBeebies does is have celebrities read bedtime stories. It is very charming seeing an actor who may be famous for their gruffer roles, like Tom Hardy, pop down in a cozy chair and softly read a children’s book. Harry Styles is the latest to stop by the CBeebies for a bedtime story. And yes, it is perfect.

Naturally, as Styles has just released his new album Harry’s House, his CBeebies children’s book is house-themed. Rocking some pretty sweet jammies, the singer and Marvel’s current Eros/Starfox, sat down to read the Jess Hitchman children’s book In Every House on Every Street. It’s a really sweet story of all a home can be—a place for joy, adventure, and a whole lot of love. Throughout storytime, Lili La Baleine’s stunning illustrations from the book grace the screen.

Harry Styles reading a children's book for CBeebies

It’s truly a shame that Styles’ story only lasts a few minutes. Of course, it makes sense because he is reading a short children’s story. Still, he has a very soothing voice. Who knows maybe he’ll return to read a sinister utopia-set children’s book when promoting his film Don’t Worry Darling later this year. (Just kidding, a children’s book of that nature would probably lead to a lot of complaints to UK communications regulator Ofcom.)

Styles is only the latest big star to grace the Cbeebies armchair. Over the last several months, Dave Grohl—who read two stories— Ed Sheeran, Regé-Jean Page, and Tom Hiddleston have popped in. And as mentioned above, Tom Hardy is an old CBeebies favorite. He even spent a full week in the chair in 2020, reading a handful of excellent children’s stories. The Peaky Blinders actor has read so many CBeebies, he’s even earned a compilation.

This CBeebies segment is so simple and charming. It not only ushers the kids to bed but shows off a (sometimes) softer side of the A-list reader. We really love to see it.

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