Harry Styles Almost Starred in a Robert Eggers’ NOSFERATU Remake

Queue up Adele because we almost had it all. We were this close to an iconic personality plus an iconic director plus an iconic character equalling out to an iconic movie. But, alas, we will not see Harry Styles starring in Robert Eggers’ remake of 1922’s Nosferatu grace our screens.

As we’ve written before, Nosferatu was one of our first vampire films ever. German filmmaker F. W. Murnau actually created an unauthorized version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Though it met some resistance because of this, in the end, Nosferatu, and its monstrous Count Orlok had quite some staying power, too. Enough staying power it seems to merit a remake.

Nosferatu's Count Orlok and Harry Styles in Eternals - Harry Style almost starred in a Robert Eggers remake of Nosferatu
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Robert Eggers recently sat down for an interview with The New YorkerThere he shared some details about the remake. He noted that at the time of the interview, he thought he’d be in Prague. He’d been scheduled to move to the city to begin pre-production for the Nosferatu remake. But alas, he had cast Harry Style in a starring role. And “at the last minute Styles pulled out, citing scheduling concerns.” Anya Taylor-Joy, who worked with Eggers on The Witch and again on The Northman, also had a starring role slated.

Eggers didn’t clarify what role Harry Styles would have played in Nosferatu, exactly. But we like to imagine he would have rebooted Count Orlock. Can you imagine what a fun combination that would have been?  But, no crying over spilled blood. That’s what vampires always say. For Eggers, this change in shooting schedule presented a vacation. And maybe for fans, it will manifest something even better as well. We mean, Robert Pattinson has some experience in vampirism… Maybe he’s ready for another Eggers movie. (And another go at playing a blood-sucker.) We feel that would certainly bring kindred energy. And no shortage of irony.

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