HARRY POTTER’s Theme Song Sounds Even More Magical Performed with Wine Glasses

The iconic song everyone thinks of as  Harry Potter’s theme is actually titled “Hedwig’s Theme.” While not every movie fan might know that bit of trivia, all Potter enthusiasts can recognize the tune from the first few notes alone. Of course, the haunting track was created by film composer extraordinaire John Williams and brought to life across the franchise by the London and Chamber Symphony Orchestras. But as it turns out, you don’t need a full orchestra to create those effects—you just need one talented artist and a table full of wine glasses.

We came across this video of a skilled street performer in Venice playing a “glass harp” at Geekologie, and it was shared to YouTube by Hashem AL-ghaili. It’s not just that this musician plays a wonderful version of the song with an unusual “instrument,” it’s how perfectly the tone of it works with the feel of the song. Truth be told, if I walked by a world-class, virtuoso pianist or violinist playing “Hedwig’s Theme,” I’d be impressed. But to witnessed someone performing the song on a bunch of wine glasses? I’d freak out like they had just created actual magic. This is what it usually takes to perform the song live: Fantastic, but we bet not one of those world-class musicians can play the glass harp. [mpx_video type=”editorial” guid=”34f5fc4ae0312ea4f45a9292166fd47ae474caae”]

What other theme song would you love to hear played on a glass harp? What other instruments would you like to hear play the Harry Potter theme? Hit the right note with your thoughts in our comments below.

Featured Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

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