Dance Like a Hippogriff at a HARRY POTTER Yule Ball Celebration

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour regularly waves a wand to give The Making of Harry Potter experience a makeover. Currently, they’re highlighting the Dark Arts for Nerdoween (or, as they call it, Halloween), but the holidays are around the corner so they’re unveiling their Christmas plans for Hogwarts in the Snow. Their transformation includes the Yule Ball, y’all. They’re not hosting an actual dance in celebration of the Triwizard Tournament, but I bet no one will stop you from spinning around like a crazy elf in the Great Hall while you take your tour.

This will be the tour’s first time decorating the Great Hall stage to match the Yule Ball. Featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Yule Ball set was a winter wonderland with its dripping icicles, ice sculptures, snow, and lots of silver. It transformed the gothic-looking environment to a more magical space. That’s exactly what the Studio Tour is going for with their re-creation of the set. They’ll also have an orchestra of magical instruments conducted by Professor Flitwick.

I would pay so many sickles to see that.

In addition to the Yule Ball theming, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London will be updating other sets with festive touches. Most notably, they cover the massive Hogwarts model (you can see pictures here) with a dusting of snow. And they will again be hosting Dinner in the Great Hall, which means you can have Christmas feast in the Great Hall. Seriously.

Hogwarts in the Snow will run from November 18 through January 28. Book a tour or a Great Hall dinner at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

Will you taking the Hogwarts Express to London to visit The Making of Harry Potter over the holidays? Let me know in the comments. And please let me know if you have room in your suitcase.

Images: Warner Bros.

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