This Fan Trailer Proves HARRY POTTER Works Perfectly as a Teen Comedy

Harry Potter was 11 years old when his series started, and we read and watched along as he grew up and became a man. Generally, his teen years were pretty dark—Harry endures the death of his parents as a child, must grow up in an abusive home in a non-magic world, and then must deal with the most powerful and evil being in the world putting a target on his chest (or forehead, more literally). But there are also a lot of awkward moments that come with those formative years, and it’s that aspect of Harry’s life that this re-cut Harry Potter trailer focuses on by portraying the movie as a teen comedy (via BoingBoing). Darkness aside, it really works.

The video was originally uploaded in 2009, but it manages to pop back up every now and then and go viral all over again. It has all the staples of a comedy film trailer: The upbeat music is the most notable, although interestingly, the song (“Big Beat Repeat”) is actually from the Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince soundtrack.

The clips all come from that film as well, rendering a video that focuses on Harry’s adventures in romance, having fun with his friends, staying out of trouble, and other things that make you realize that maybe Harry Potter was a teen comedy waiting to bust out of its dark exterior shell this whole time.

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know down in the comments below!

Featured image: Warner Bros.

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