This HARRY POTTER-Loving Teacher Turned Her Classroom into Hogwarts

Most Harry Potter fans have, at one point in their life, bemoaned the fact that their letter to Hogwarts never arrived, depriving them of a chance at a magical education (if not a slightly dangerous one). However, one third grade teacher isn’t about to let her students experience the same loss and miss out on the chance of an education in the finer points of witchcraft and wizardry.

Via  Mashable, a third-grade teacher named Mrs. Bargella created an Instagram to chronicle the ways she creatively turned her regular classroom into a magical haven of exploration for wizards and muggles alike. Fans will notice several references to the magical world, but even kids who have never encountered the magic of Harry Potter won’t be able to help being enthralled by this exciting classroom.

Year 1! #harrypotterclassroom #welcometohogwarts

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The amount of detail that Mrs. Bargella put into her classroom is absolutely amazing. She didn’t just adorn her classroom walls with simple Potter-themed decor, but she’s integrated the magical world into the daily life of her classroom. From house elf-themed classroom chores to a platform 9¾ door into the classroom, students will instantly feel transported to a magical world.

The class also gets to participate in inter-house competitions just like at Hogwarts, and they even have a unique classroom pet: The Monster Book of Monsters. Hopefully, Hagrid comes around the classroom from time to time to help the students care for the troublesome book!

House Points

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We love this creative way to bring stories and a love for reading into the everyday world of a classroom. We’re sure J.K. Rowling would more than approve of this fun way to make school seem more magical. It certainly makes us jealous that this wasn’t our third-grade classroom! If you want to see more from Mrs. Bargella’s version of Hogwarts, you can head to her Instagram to see the creative way she’s brought the wizarding world into the muggle world of education.

What do you think of Mrs. Bargella’s classroom? What are some creative ways that you’ve seen a classroom decorated? Have you done any yourself? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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