HARRY POTTER Launches Multiplayer “Duelling” Club Event

Jam City‘s mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has made it possible for muggles like us to finally fulfill our wish of attending the greatest wizarding school in the world, but eventually every student must graduate and go off into a world full of Dark Wizards.

Young wizards and witches learn how to cast spells so they can stand up against bullies and enemies alike, and because the best teaching tool is experience, the game will now give us a chance to practice our skills against other players with a new Duelling Club.

Starting today Facebook connected players can “put their spellcasting prowess to good use in the first of a series of multiplayer limited time events in the game” with the Duelling Club (yes, “duelling” with two Ls.). This first round of the game will run until July 15th, but don’t worry if you’re busy this weekend because there will be more events to put your wand skills to the test this summer. Those who sign up for the tournament will be randomly assigned an opponent, with the victor winning another chance from their opponent to play again.

“During this first event, players will receive three tickets, each granting them admission to participate in a duel. A worthy opponent will be randomly selected from other Facebook Connect users. The defeated player will forfeit one of their tickets, while the victor retains their ticket—and reaps a special reward after each and every win.”

Okay this is it! All of those wrist exercises, all of those enunciation classes, and all of that time studying our Spells textbook in the Hogwarts library!

Hopefully we don’t freeze and end up using Expelliarmus repeatedly like Harry.

For future Duelling Club event dates you can check Hogwarts Mystery‘s website, Twitter, or Facebook pages.

Featured Image: Jam City

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