The 5 Best Kisses in the HARRY POTTER Films

Part of growing up is falling in love. The hallowed halls of Hogwarts are no stranger to secret snogging. And despite the number of romances featured in the Harry Potter books and films, we don’t actually get that many on-screen smooches. So the ones we do get, we’ve got to really appreciate. But which are the best among the bunch? Below, we give you our rundown of the best kisses in the Harry Potter films.

5. Harry & Cho, Order of the Phoenix

Harry had a crush on Cho for awhile, but she was in a relationship with total babe Cedric Diggory, who then ended up getting killed by Voldemort. So Cho clearly has some things to work out, emotionally speaking. And when Harry and Cho finally lock lips before Christmas in Order of the Phoenix, there should be some fanfare that reflects the buildup, but it’s a little bit of a disappointment. It’s, as Harry describes, “wet,” because Cho was crying about Cedric. I’m sure it’s not the way Harry envisioned his first kiss with Cho, and this is certainly not the way readers envisioned this kiss playing out on screen.

4. Arthur & Molly, Chamber of Secrets
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Arthur and Molly are underrated as hell, and their love borderline carries the Harry Potter franchise. They are a perfect balance, are always there for each other, and are willing to do anything to protect their family. Their kisses are always familial, protective, and sweet. This cheek kiss in Chamber of Secrets perfectly encapsulates their dynamic. Arthur/Molly prequel rom-com, please!

3. Harry & Ginny, Half Blood Prince

There’s a lot of unrequited love in Harry Potter. Ginny’s crush on Harry was established from the beginning, but Half-Blood Prince is where Harry realizes he has feelings for her as well. Harry and Ginny first become a “thing” in the sixth book, after Harry experiences some jealousy when Ginny dates Dean Thomas. Their kiss, like Harry and Cho’s, takes place in the Room of Requirement. It’s a fine kiss—a little slow, not their best.

2. Harry & Ginny, Deathly Hallows – Part 1
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Harry and Ginny’s romance in the movies felt a little rushed, but in the beginning of Deathly Hallows – Part 1, they share a tender moment before Bill and Fleur’s wedding. The tension is there—Harry knows he might not make it back, and Ginny wants him to take her seriously. They’re just a nice, hot power couple who want to get their kicks before the world ends. Relatable!

1. Ron & Hermione, Deathly Hallows – Part 2
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This is the kiss we had all been waiting for, and it turns out to be as epic as we had hoped. Ron and Hermione finally have their first kiss, drenched in water, moments after defeating a horcrux. Although this goes a bit differently than its depiction in the book (Harry is there, asking, “Really? NOW?!?”) the passion, love, and mutual respect is felt in the kiss. Get out of here if you ship Harry and Hermione (ahem, J.K. Rowling). This kiss makes Ron and Hermione’s bond so much stronger.

HONORABLE MENTION! When Hermione grabs Ron’s hand in Prisoner of Azkaban
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When I first saw the trailer for Prisoner of Azbakan, this moment made me gasp louder than any other. It’s a sweet, romantic moment that starts to lay the groundwork for Ron and Hermione’s future relationship, and it’s grounded in support and passion. Very cute!

Which is your favorite Harry Potter smooch? Let us know in the comments below!

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