9,000 HARRY POTTER Fans Took Over a Small Canadian Town for Festival of Wizardry

The fandom surrounding Harry Potter is one of those pop culture phenomena that never seems to stop growing. Case in point, the second annual Festival of Wizardry. The unofficial Potter event swept into the small Canadian town of Blyth, Ontario over the weekend, welcoming over 9,000 witches and wizards and geeks of all kind to the ordinarily small town for a weekend of magical fun. Nine thousand. That’s up from 1,500 attendees in 2016.

The Festival of Wizardry, run by Transfigured Town, is about offering an immersive experience for fans who wish they’d received an acceptance letter for Hogwarts. Participants played Quidditch, competed in trivia competitions, and took lessons in various subjects like Divination and Potions. The second day of the festival was canceled due to inclement weather, but based on what I can see on social media, attendees crammed plenty of fun into the first day.One fan brought a Ford Anglia like the one belonging to Arthur Weasley. No word on whether it flies.

Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts cosplay was all around.

Expectro patronum! #transfiguredtown #blyth #harrypotter

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Some charming cosplay at the Transfigured Town Festival of Wizardry #HarryPotter #fow2017 #transfiguredtown

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The snacks were themed and on point.

What would a Harry Potter event be with Butterbeer?

You could play some Quidditch and then listen to a wizarding band.

I daresay, it all looks positively magical.

Would you grab a Portkey and travel to Ontario for the Transfigured Town experience in 2018? Are you feeling motivated to start a similar festival in your neck of the woods? Take a broomstick to the comments and let me know.

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