High School Dance Team Performs an Incredible HARRY POTTER Routine

We know Professor Snape taught Potions, Flitwick Charms, McGonagall Transfiguration, and the Spinal Tap drummer led Defence Against the Dark Arts, but we never found out who taught Dance at Hogwarts. Is it because the position remains unfilled? If so we have the perfect candidate for the job: the coach responsible for this high school dance team’s incredible Harry Potter routine.The PAC Dance and Advanced Dance teams at Walden Grove High School in Arizona united for one very epic program dedicated to the Boy Who Lived. Led by their coach and choreographer Kristi Lopez, they began with Harry living under the stairs at 4 Drivet Drive, taking him to his house sorting and time at school (including our favorite part where he really “flies” on his broomstick) up to his final showdown with Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

The only way that could have been better was if the Weird Sisters were there playing live and the students knew how to do actual magic.This isn’t the first time the dance team performed an incredible pop culture-inspired routine. Last year, they found there’s no place like homecoming with a Wizard of Oz.
Did we say we have the perfect candidate to teach Dance at Hogwarts? We take that back—we have the perfect candidate to be the new Headmaster, because anyone who can make going to school that much fun should really be in charge of the whole thing.What movie should they dedicate next year’s homecoming routine to? Apparate into our comments section below to share your best idea.

Featured Image: ThePac Walden Grove

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