HARRY POTTER’s Childhood Home Is Up for Sale

Let’s hope you’ve been depositing all those spare sickles and knuts in your savings account at Gringotts, because you finally have the opportunity to buy  Harry Potter‘s childhood home! Via Entertainment Weekly, the location used for Potter Cottage in Godric’s Hollow in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One is the latest spot from the films to be put up for sale. Both the Dursley residence and Hermione Granger’s home were listed in 2016, but this, the De Vere House, is the most magical of them all.

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The home, which is going for over $1 million, is located in Lavenham, Suffolk. It’s reported to be the second most photographed home in all of the United Kingdom (second to the Prime Minister’s home at 10 Downing Street). That may not be ideal for residents, but on the upshot, the six-bedroom medieval home is gorgeous. It’s the prime opportunity for an Airbnb or Harry Potter LARP.

Oh, and did I mention Lavenham is known for its 15th century church and homes? It’s a preserved Medieval village, for goodness’ sake! Living there would be like residing in Godric’s Hollow, but without Voldemort busting in and trying to use Avada Kedavra on anyone. Get additional details and see more photos in the real estate listing.

Let’s say you had endless piles of money. Like, Scrooge McDuck money. Would you spend it on Harry Potter’s childhood home or other locales from the films? Apparate to the comments and let us know.

Images: Warner Bros., Giphy

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