Harrison Ford Reportedly Cast as MCU’s General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross

The MCU is continuing to move forward as it wraps up Phase 4 and moves to the next slate of TV and film offerings. We will see characters continue their stories, like Ms. Marvel and Shuri, while others will surely return in some fashion. One of the roles that has been up in the air is General “Thunderbolt” Ross. Yes, there is a Thunderbolts movie coming. But sadly, actor William Hurt died in March 2022. Many fans thought that Marvel would make the same choice it did with T’Challa and not recast the character with a new actor. But, there are reports that General Ross will return with Harrison Ford taking on the role. (Nerdist is awaiting further information from a Marvel representative.) 

photo of harrison ford

According to /Film, Ford will be in Marvel’s Thunderbolts, the supervillain collective film coming at the end of Phase 5. Additionally, Marvel’s VP of Production & Development, Nate Moore, also appeared to confirm the news in a recent interview. He noted, “Harrison Ford is taking on the role of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.” It certainly makes sense that they would want this character in the film, considering its name. (For those who don’t know, he’s basically the leader of a rogue group in the vein of DC Comics’ Amanda Waller.)

If Harrison Ford is truly coming to the MCU as General “Thunderbolt” Ross, it is certainly a great choice. It seems like the type of role that he would embody well. Ford is already a legend among those of us who love all things nerdy and adventure. From the epic Indiana Jones franchise to his turn in Star Wars as a little character named Han Solo (might ring a bell), he’s a certified action legend.

The logo for Marvel Studios Thunderbolts.
Marvel Studios

And Ford is showing no signs of slowing down career-wise with another Indiana Jones film on the way. Very good for him. Hopefully, the MCU will find some small way to honor Hurt’s time as the character with a clever Easter egg. We all love those.

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