The iconic. The fan-favorite. Those are just some of the ways Hard MTN Dew’s official page describes its drinks. And these descriptions speak the truth about these alcoholic sodas. Hard MTN Dew’s offerings roared to life in 2022, and they’ve only gotten more exciting. Since the release of the O.G. delightfully green and deliciously sweet flavor, Hard MTN Dew released three more alcoholic flavors for our enjoyment, four in total. And that, of course, includes the beloved Hard MTN Dew Baja Blast. And this summer, we’ll get even more ways to delight in a boozy Baja Blast. A brand new Hard MTN Dew Baja Blast variety pack is coming for our coolers, and now we can enjoy the drink in Pineapple, Mango, and Punch.

Baja Blast new Hard MTN Dew flavors plus original Mountain Dew and Watermelon

Those new hard Baja Blast flavors certainly say summer to us. We definitely feel ready to sip them on a beach. And delightfully, as always, these bubbly offerings contain no sugar and also no caffeine. But they do contain “the hard kick of alcohol.” Fair enough. This spin on the classic has 5% ABV. We’re delighted to have these three new Baja Blast varieties bring the total of Hard MTN Dew flavors to seven. One for whatever color we’re feeling most at any moment.


Of course, the four previously released flavors of this drink are still available for our enjoyment. Hard MTN Dew flavors already in existence include, of course, Baja Blast, but also Mountain Dew (all vowels included), Watermelon, and Livewire (orange). As mentioned above, all contain no sugar and have the same level of strength when it comes to their alcohol by volume.

Hopefully, we can find time to try them all… MTN Dew is already promising there will be another line-up next summer. Hard MTN Dew is currently available in a variety of shops.