Happy 30th Anniversary, Calvin and Hobbes!

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Thirty years ago, Bill Watterson shared Calvin and Hobbes with the world for the first time. Calvin would eventually go on some of the wildest adventures across space and time that any child could ever imagine and explore some of the most profound aspects of life that any adults could ponder. And he managed to do all of this from the comfort of his own home with his family and his imaginary sidekick, Hobbes.

Calvin and Hobbes taught us to live dauntlessly, to embrace our imagination, and that it’s okay to be recklessly creative, even when grown-ups are around. Sandboxes and cardboard boxes are so much more than toys, they are gateways to whole new worlds and possibilities. Snowmen aren’t just balls of snow stacked atop each other. They’re alive, they’re deranged, and they’re out to get you! Where would our little speck of a planet be if we didn’t have countless heroes like Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man to save us from otherworldly demise?

And while Calvin and Hobbes only ran for ten years, we learned that in order to have the greatest fun of our lives, all we need is some imagination.

Thank you, Bill Watterson, for Calvin and Hobbes.

Feature Image Credit: Bill Watterson via Unreality Mag

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